About Myself

I call myself sacriba and I am a twentysomething woman (meaning I have a vulva and was raised to embrace the behaviours expected of women). I grew up in a rural area, but I live near the capital city (Vienna, Austria) by now.

I live a polyamorous lifestyle. I have a girlfriend and a boyfriend, who are both a couple as well. They are my life partners. Together, we make an romantically closed poly triad (which is called polyfidelity by some sources on polyamory). If I write about my romantic partners individually, my girlfriend goes by the name Maitri and my boyfriend goes by the name Nemo.

The contents of my blog are not built upon any formal study of social sciences, but have grown – step by step – out of personal interest and research. I have changed the concept of my blog since the beginnings in 2012 due to the evolution of my philosophy.

As soon as I discovered that I was bisexual, I started doing research to gain a deeper understanding of my identity, both sexually and romantically. That’s how I came across the LGBT movement and the queer community. My main interest soon centered around queer culture, in particular, what is perpetuated by and/or directed at lesbian and bisexual women (and non-binary genders).

I do not feature articles for bisexual or biromantic men, since I have only done basic research on the matter. If you know a good website, please tell me and I will put a link here.

If you are looking for current feminist, queer or queerfeminist discourse, better go to other websites. I don’t agree with today’s feminism and the queer community on most of their topics any more, since I observe widespread logical fallacies and more importantly, hardly any polite and fair discourse: The majority of feminist activists as well as a loud minority inside the queer community applies a double standard in that they demand acceptance and fairness from the rest of the community and the mainstrean while producing and upholding oppressive dogmatic ideologies themselves. I don’t want to be associated with this attack culture that aims to silence any unpopular or inconvenient positions and individuals. As a consequence, I have stopped calling myself a feminist or queer.

I support the demands of first-wave feminism, and I am queer as long as I have to experience erasure or discrimination on the grounds of my polyamorous lifestyle, and not because of some identity label.

Instead, this website takes a different approach:

How to self-determine one’s sexuality and relationships, and how to overcome the obstacles which are put in the way by one’s family, social environment, society as a whole and also by oneself.

I want to offer a more profound understanding of the matter, and provide easier access to useful information for people who want to put an effort in living a healthy non-normative, non-monogamous lifestyle that will work for all individuals involved.

Some articles are built on information or conclusions of other articles. For a better understanding, I therefore recommend the following reading order:

In the menu bar, left to right:

  1. Sex and Love: Basics!
  2. Smash the patriarchy
  3. Fallacies within relationships
  4. Healthy solutions

Usually, every menu item contains different series consisting of several articles. You can read them in the recommended order by scrolling down or going to the next page at the bottom (1 -> 2), if there is one.

If you have arrived at the end of the page, you can either jump back to the upper menu, or to the overview of the currently displayed topic, by using the small tool named “Go to…” in the lower right corner.

Have fun!

Greetings, sacriba