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New and updated articles in Spring 2020

The following list comprises the articles I have posted this year, so far. I have either written new articles, translated some that I wrote earlier in German, or updated older articles with new information and understanding:

Added: A fascinating TED Talk by the couples therapist Esther Perel on secret affairs, where she discusses why people in a closed relationship pursue secret sexual activities. Her therapy strategy focuses on how affected couples have a chance to reunite after an uncovered affair.

Explained: More examples to explain the dynamics within a polycule that contains a secondary relationship.

Added: Many personal experiences to explain my conclusions from 2016, when I left the poly community. This is in reaction to the personal stories of the former poly activist Inês Rôlo. In her article, she elaborates on the separation of Franklin Veaux and Eve Rickert, the authors of the “poly bible” More Than Two. Both unveilings confirm many of my observations in the poly community in Austria.

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